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- Cynthia M., Law Office Manager

We are most successful in working with clients who:

- Sharon G., Owner

Enjoy our success stories

  1. Demand reliability and security from their computer network.

  2. See technology as a power tool for increasing productivity and gaining competitive advantage.

  3. Want a technology partner that will act as a trusted advisor and seek to improve the position of their company in all areas.

  4. Agree to nothing but reliability and security with their IT support services for their network infrastructure.

  5. Willing to invest in technology to improve overall network availability and eliminate manual tasks in their network infrastructure. 

"As you know in an IT environment everything is always complicated and getting changed constantly. We have been enjoying the consulting services of Pinnacle Access for over six years. They have brought our IT environment over the years from one server for fifteen users to five servers and sixty users connecting from multiple sites. They have always considered most effective hardware and software solution that would benefit us. All together we are very happy with Pinnacle Access and the services they provide to us."

- Bobby M., E.E.

From big businesses to everyday people, Pinnacle Access works with clients from all walks of life. 

"Pinnacle Access is a top-notch IT Consultant with an unparalleled work ethic and dedication and has an obsession with staying up-to-date and learning in the ever changing Information Technology field. I know Pinnacle Access professionally for over 20 years and I can say with the highest degree of confidence that he is one of the best IT professional that I know. He performs at the highest level, and he can handle the most daunting and complex task with minimal supervision. He is truly one of a kind, and I recommend him without hesitation or any reservation. Pinnacle Access will be a great asset to any organization.” 

"What I like most, you are responsive to our needs. Always calling back in a reasonable time frame and available whenever I need help. Biggest Benefits: I know you are looking at our system on a regular basis and that gives me peace of mind."

"Always available to fix most any problems, good decisions about backup and storage. Comfort knowing that there is someone that can take care of things and makes sure that the computer systems are backed up and secure."

- Kamran M., Virtual CIO

"I enjoyed working with Pinnacle Access for years in a multi-disciplined systems engineering and deployment team. PInnacle Access contributed greatly to our success. I believe their skills  and capable asset to any project.”

- Blake W., V.P

"What I like most about your services is that you are responsive and knowledgeable on all of the issues. You also are able to suggest options or solutions to problems that do not seem otherwise obvious."

"Your are very timely about getting us backup and running if something happens, you are professional, easy to work with and knowledgeable. Your advice has always been in our interest, plus we had very little down time since we have been using Pinnacle Access."

Please read on to learn how Pinnacle Access has help people just like you enjoy the benefits of our cutting-edge technology. To learn how you can enjoy these solutions for yourself, please contact Pinnacle Access for a consultation.

We look forward to making things happen for you.

"I have worked with Pinnacle Access as both an employee and as a service provider to several businesses I have been involved in. He has a great depth of knowledge in Microsoft Server platforms and has always been able to help me out at times when mission critical systems have gone awry. I frequently recommend Pinnacle Access to other business associates as I can always count on him to deliver”

"I have known Pinnacle Access for over 20 years. They have high integrity in all aspects and a very deep knowledge of the IT landscape. They have helped build and up keep our network and I highly recommend his work.” 

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- Ellen W., CPA Partner

- Richard W., System Engineer

- Randy E., Attorney at Law

"Quick response to our every request, willingness to work outside normal business hours when we have a major change taking place, almost instant availability when e-mail or voice message sent."

While their needs are as unique as they are, we’re proud to reliably produce

solutions that exceed expectations

- David T., Nonprofit Organization Director of IT

- Mikie S., CPA Firm Administrator

Pinnacle Access Inc.
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