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The Immediate and Accurate Response to Any and All IT Emergencies.

As an office manager for mid-size law firm, I have the pressure of everyone looking to me to fix any and all problems and to fix it now. Not in an hour, but now. Farshid at Pinnacle Access always responds immediately to my distress calls.

In all the years that Pinnacle Access as our IT provider, no problem has ever been too big or crazy for them to fix. We have used other IT companies and it was always a roll of the dice. Maybe they will be responsive and/or maybe they will come up with a solution. With Pinnacle Access, there is no maybe. They have never let us down. Peace of mind is everything.

Lisa Vargas Office Manager
San Diego, CA

With Pinnacle Everything Works All the Time.

With Pinnacle Everything works. All the time. If there is a potential problem, it is rectified BEFORE it becomes a real problem.

Listen to Farshid’s advice, even if it costs a few extra dollars. It is well worth it in the long run, as he really knows what he’s talking about and is looking out for your best interest. He hates problems more than you do.

I have, on many occasions referred Pinnacle Access to a friend, peer or associate. Those who listened and chose Farshid are still with him today. Those that didn’t eventually did and wished they had the first time.

If you want a system that works, has little to no downtime, and is fixed right the first time, use Pinnacle access. If not, choose a competitor.

Dan Ukkestad CEO
San Diego, CA

Our System has Never Been Down and Everything Works as Planned.

When there are problems, Farshid is able to quickly diagnose the problem and correct. He is extremely knowledgeable and always provides solutions to keep our system safe, backed-up and working.

Over the 10+ years that Farshid has handled our IT we have grown substantially by adding backup, security, mail server to our system and it is always seamless.

Jeff Hinds President
San Diego, CA

Give Them a Try and You Will Instantly Feel Comfortable.

Pinnacle Access explains technical and complicated computer terms that are otherwise hard to understand especially for a non-technical person.

Farshid takes the time to make you understand what needs to be done with your network. He is also able to suggest the best method without having to spend too much effort and money on a solution. They are always available when I need help. No task too small, no question too trivial.

Jorie Yambao Operations Manager
San Diego, CA

Always Available to Fix Most Any Problems.

Good decisions about backup and storage. Comfort knowing that there is someone that can take care of things and makes sure that the computer systems are backed up and secure.

Ellen Williams CPA Partner
Carlsbad, CA

Quick Response to Our Every Request.

Willingness to work outside normal business hours when we have a major change taking place, almost instant availability when e-mail or voice message sent.

Mikie Santerre CPA Firm Administrator
Carlsbad, CA

Pinnacle Access is Responsive and Knowledgeable

What I like most about Pinnacle Access services, they are responsive and knowledgeable on all of the issues. They are able to suggest options or solutions to problems that do not seem otherwise obvious.

Randy Erickson Attorney at Law
San Diego, CA

I Frequently Recommend Pinnacle Access to Other Business Associates as I Can Always Count on Them to Deliver.

I have worked with Pinnacle Access as both an employee and as a service provider to several businesses. They have a great depth of knowledge in Microsoft Server platforms and has always been able to help me out at times when mission critical systems have gone awry.

Blake Wood Vice President
San Diego, CA

Pinnacle Access will be a Great Asset to any Organization.

Pinnacle Access is a top-notch IT Consultant with an unparalleled work ethic and dedication and has an obsession with staying up-to-date and learning in the ever changing Information Technology field. I know Pinnacle Access professionally for over 20 years and I can say with the highest degree of confidence that they are one of the best IT professionals that I know. They perform at the highest level, and they can handle the most daunting and complex task with minimal supervision. They are truly truly one of a kind, and I recommend them without hesitation or any reservation.

Kamran Mokhtari Virtual CIO
Irvine, CA

They Have Built and up Keep Our Network.

I have known Pinnacle Access for over 20 years. They have high integrity in all aspects and a very deep knowledge of the IT landscape. I highly recommend his work.

Bobby Maher Property Management
San Diego, CA

Pinnacle Access Always Recommends Most Effective Hardware and Software.

As you know in an IT environment everything is always complicated and getting changed constantly. We have been enjoying the consulting services of Pinnacle Access for over six years. They expanded our IT environment over the years from one server and fifteen users to five servers and sixty users connecting from multiple sites. All together we are very happy with Pinnacle Access and the services they provide to us.

David Tehrani IT Director
San Diego, CA

Pinnacle Access Provides Exceptional Service.

Pinnacle Access is a big help during emergency IT situations. They also provide information on what upcoming needs will be required for any changes in the IT world.

Brian Mitchell Vice President
San Diego, CA

Pinnacle Access Provides a Comfort in Trust and Security you Won't Find With any Other IT Company.

We use Pinnacle Access for email spam protection, Data Backup, installs, product and software purchases, and IT Services. I can't even express the satisfaction we have had with Farshid! We have used Pinnacle Access services for 10 plus years and have never had one problem. They are most reliable, honest, and most knowledgeable vendor we use.

Sarah Colletti Office Manager
San Diego, CA